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January 17th, 2019

Evolution fo the ISO Role

In a time not so long ago, many institution's top Information Security Officer (ISO) candidates were selected due to their ability to change the toner in the printer. In today's financial world this is no longer the case. With the ever-increasing functions and responsibilities of the ISO role, the need for a professional, trained in the duties of business continuity, log management, anomaly detection, incident response and vendor management is a requirement for every institution. As the complexity of this role continues to evolve, a deeper knowledge and experience base for these professionals becomes more apparent every day. Add to this the expanding federal and state regulations and advancing cybersecurity threats, it is readily apparent that management and regulators are starting to put more emphasis on the skill, experience and general qualifications of individuals in this role.

Current FFIEC guidelines include the following:

This is being echoed by state regulators with some including New York 23 NYCRR Part 500 going a few steps further.

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