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Applied Compliance Services

Virtual ISO Service Levels

Applied Compliance Services provides a variety service levels relating to our expertise in financial institutions and their Information Security programs. Within each level, our service will be tailored to your culture and envirnonment. This ensures our services are completely integrated with your organization, alleviating your concerns with your information security program.

Experts in regulatory compliance and IT risk management, we work closely with our clients to ensure their needs are being met.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CvISO)

With vCISO, Applied Compliance will:

By utilizing the CvISO service, institutions can benefit through:

Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO)

Applied Compliance Services has developed a Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO) service to help institutions meet today's increasing demand for security and regulatory compliance. This service can be tailored to meet your unique institutional needs and culture.

(vISO) service ensures you are on track to meet your regulatory requirements. Applied Compliance does the 'heavy lifting' for you, utilizing our technical expertise in financial institutions, providing direction for your Information Security program, and answering the questions of examiners. This service can be tailored to meet your unique institutional needs and culture.

By utilizing the vISO service, institutions can benefit through:

Virtual Mentoring Services (MvISO)

Applied Compliance Services have over 100 years of experience in the financial institution information security space. This includes knowledge gained from working both in the bank, and as consultants. We understand what examiners expect, and what nefarious actors seek. Our Mentoring service is designed to guide your institution's Information Security Officer to ensure your institution's policies and procedures are comprehensive and meet regulatory requirements.
Our service will guide you through:

Virtual Standby Information Security Officer (SvISO)

This service level provides a viable succession plan for the ISO role of any institution. Once through the onboarding process, AppliedCS takes a passive role ensuring monthly updates are made to keep our team apprized to the institution's current ISP. When activated the SvISO converts to a vISO service level creating a complete ISO succession strategy.

While enrolled in the SvISO service, AppliedCS will also participate in regular IT Committee meetings to ensure AppliedCS is ready to quickly assist with current bank specific information.

By utilizing the SvISO service, institutions can benefit through: