Virtual Compliance Officer Service Levels


Our vCO services aim to provide the client with knowledgeable and skilled resources to facilitate the ongoing management of their Compliance Management Program. This service will assist with everyday Compliance Officer duties and help guide the institution’s management through regulatory matters.

The Virtual Compliance Officer services allow institutions access to highly qualified and experienced professionals that can help them fill this needed resource at a reduced cost. AppliedCS offers three levels of service, each of which is customizable.

Implementation of a CMS Program (Compliance Management System). A sound compliance program is essential to the efficient and successful operation of the institution, much as a business plan.  A compliance program includes the following components:  

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Training
  • Monitoring and/or Audit
  • Consumer Complaint Response

Virtual Compliance Officer (vCO)

AppliedCS vCO provides oversight of your Compliance Program Management. This also includes the development or fine-tuning of your internal Compliance Program. Your VCO can offer support for an existing Compliance Officer (if applicable) or, in most cases, will act as the Compliance Officer within your organization.

Your vCO will assist with policies, procedures, disclosures, and risk assessments, as well as provide input to ensure the institution is consistent with regulatory guidelines.

Your vCO will review any existing training program and help fill any gaps where additional or more intense training is needed.

Your vCO will establish a compliance monitoring schedule to map out required activities for the institution. They can assist by presenting appropriate solutions that address problem areas before audit examiners discover them.

Your VCO will be available by phone or email so your team can reach out with any regulatory questions.

A compliance officer’s duties include ensuring that an institution:

  • Develops compliance policies and procedures
  • Ensures that management and employees receive proper training in consumer protection laws and regulations
  • Reviews policies and procedures for compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the institution’s stated policies and procedures
  • Assesses emerging issues or potential liabilities
  • Provides proper responses to consumer complaints
  • Reports compliance activities and audit/review findings to the Board
  • Ensures corrective action



Virtual Mentoring Compliance Officer (vMCO)

AppliedCS guides and develops newly appointed or less experienced Compliance Officers to grow them and the institution’s Compliance Management Program while ensuring regulatory requirements are met. The vMCO will ensure the basic Compliance Management Program foundation blocks are set up to ensure future success by the newly appointed compliance officer.


Virtual Chief Compliance Officer (vCCO)

AppliedCS provides you with complete peace of mind when it comes to compliance management while handling the heavy lifting of a Chief Compliance Officer to ensure your compliance program meets your examiner’s requirements. Your vCCO will provide monitoring and analyze areas of risk in your operation to ensure observance of bank regulations.

They will assist in the establishment of a compliance audit/monitoring program. They will implement and adjust programs to ensure compliance with new regulations passed by the client’s regulators, all while full communication and transparency with the client’s committees.  

vCCO provides compliance advice to the risk management unit of an organization.

Ready to get started with reviewing your Information Security Efforts?

Ready to get started with reviewing your Information Security Efforts?

We’re here to help! Submit your information, and an AppliedCS representative will be in touch to discuss your goals.

We’re here to help! Submit your information, and an AppliedCS representative will be in touch to discuss your goals.

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